Fine bubble generator

Introduction effect

・High dissolved oxygen retention effect

・Promoting fish growth

・Inhibiting of water deterioration

・Reduction of oxygen gas consumption


Equipment Configuration・Feature

Examples of use・Degree of cost savings

【Management of dissolved oxygen in water tanks】

・Objective: Reduction of oxygen gas consumption

・Current: Air Diffusion Pipe Aeration

・Countermeasures: Circulating Fine Bubble Drive

 ※Controlling the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water tank to an appropriate value with
       an inverter!


 Seaweed, Shellfish, Sturgeon, scallop, flounder, and eel



Drive type: KFB-400 X

【General specification】

 Flow rate: 250-350 L/min

 Power supply: AC200V, 30 A

 Weight: about 600 kg

 Externals W2,000×D900×H1,300 mm

     With the introduction of an oxygen fine bubble drive, Oxygen consumption can be
     reduced to 1/10


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