Basic management stance

Basic management stance

  1. Management philosophy

    「We contribute to the world’s industry through the manufacture of fiber-reinforced resin

  2. Quality and environmental policies

    We will constantly improve customer satisfaction and continue to tackle global environmental issues such as energy-saving.

  3. Company’s mission and purpose

    ・Our products resolve customer issues.

    ・Our products enrich the lives of employees.

    ・We will fulfill our social role through our business activities.

  4. Action guideline

    We will observe laws and morals and act in a manner that does not violate social ethics and morals.
    We grasp the manufacturing processes of our customers and promptly resolve issues and problems.
    We aim to become a better partner that shares the joys of our customers.
    【Products and Technology】
    We strive to develop new products by improving existing products and challenging new technologies while respecting customer feedback.
    We provide customers with products that can be used safely by integrating manufacturing and quality control. In the event of a failure, we will give top priority to dealing with the problem, and we will do our best to deal with the problem with sincerity and speed.
    We will enrich the lives of our employees, who are the company’s assets, and nurture people who are always positive about their work and who can talk about their dreams for the future.