Material property



  1. Excellent corrosion-resistant structure and durability

    Main parts of Pump touching corrosive liquid are made of FRP, and there is almost no trouble with corrosion.

  2. Excellent heat risistant, weather resistant features

    Excellent heat risistant feature has already been proved, having been used for bath with temperatures up to 85℃ in various field. In addition, there is very small possibility of crack by UV and Oxygen such as those are occurred in PVC.

  3. Light weight and rigid

    FRP’s specific gravity is only 20 percent of that of iron, and mechanical strength is equal to iron. Durable for hard working in a long term.

  4. Strong against electrolytic corrosion

    Having higher electrical insulation characteristics, it is free from electrolytic corrosion and there is no worry about contamination by the dissolution of rust or metal ion.

Performance table

Performance table