Exhaust gas treatment equipment

<Exhaust gas treatment equipment>

Today’s society has a strong environmental awareness by a global expanse, It becomes very sensitive about environmental security.
In consideration of environmental policy and an environmental purpose, the interest of achieving a healthy environmental performance has increased.
It is easy to maintain operation at high efficiency in addition to the conventiona filling gas equipment, We used a filament of the “KON. TANE™” three dimensions structure which was a patent of American KIMRE company for the gas and liquid contact materials for the purpose of the development of a low-cost device.



1. The gas processing devices is the corrosion resistance horizontal scrubber cross flow method,
    tower height is low, and unit type that assembles the exhaust blower, the circulating liguid pump,
    and the circulation tank capable indoor installation, it is standardized and high performance of
    a new type which adopts the multiple connection method,two-stage, three-stage which is
    connected the unit depending on the purpose.

2. Filler to be used, in which KON. TANE™ three dimensions structure wirt rod of American KIMRE
 company and Netron filler together.
 Flooding point is high, and high efficiency scrubber that take a large superficial velocity.

3. Because the filler is standardized in the cartridge system,take-out, loading for the inspection and
 re placement is extremely simple.
 The from of the filler has standard type (Netoron +KON.TANE™ combination) and special type.
 (KON. TANE™ single use)

4. The demister, we use the B-GON™ of the American KIMREcompany’s high-performance
 removable 99.9% of the mist to 2 microns.



Absorber of poisonous gases
Cooling system of exhaust gas
Dust, Hume processor
Processor of malodorous gas
Neutralizaion and absorption of chemicals, Ozone / chemical
solution oxidant oxidative resolution process, Activated carbon
combined processing, and others
High-performance Demistar of various gas processors
Preprocessing of the active carbon adsorption equipment
prevention of white smoke by the steam mist


Standard specification