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About the handling of personal information

With regard to your information that was entrusted to us at the time of entry of the inquiry form, materials are sent, various contact about the negotiations, and we will use to provide information about our and products.
In accordance with the contents of the inquiry there is a thing that I am allowed to contact you from us and our affiliates.
Entrusted with your information the customer without the consent-related company, it does not have to be disclosed, provided to third parties other than the outsourcing company (except in the case of disclosure request by the laws and regulations).
Entrusted to your information is leakage, unauthorized access, loss, properly managed as there is no tampering, it will be utilized within the scope of purpose.
Other companies on this site, we have attached a link to the organization like, but, with regard to the handling of information in the linked sites can not assume the responsibility.