Corrosion-resistant lateral self-priming pump


<Self-priming pump(Horizontal type: KSPS Series)

  • Use of Self-priming centrifugal pump

    Chemical solution for Strong acids, Oxidizing acids, Strong alkaline solution etc, any corrosive fluid used in Industrial waste water.

  • Model specification of Self-priming centrifugal pump

    Adaptable bore : 25~125mm

    Capacity : 20~2000ℓ/min

    Total head : 5~25m

  • Features of Self-priming centrifugal pump

    1. Superior high performance Centrifugal Pump made by FRP.

    2. Shaft sealing are prepared two type of Gland packing seal
        and Mechanical seal, As for the materials of the shaft touching
         liquid, the corrosion resistant materials such as FRP,
        Titanium, Hastelloy, are appropriately selected according to
        liquid, so it is excellent in respect of reliability and durability.

    3. Easy to install, carry and operate, especially priming is not
        required except filled with water to let air out before starting

    4. Pump performance : Suction head : -5m
        Total pump head : 10~25m

Features of Centrifugal Pump • Vertical/Self-priming Pump

  • Wide application range

    Various sizes are provided as standard from small size 25A to large size 200A diameter so that faster and economical installation can be preformed without newly designing for each requirement.

  • Excellent corrosion-resistant structure and durability

    Main parts of Pump touching corrosive liquid are made of FRP, and there is almost no trouble with corrosion.

  • Excellent heat risistant, weather resistant features

    Excellent heat risistant feature has already been proved, having been used for bath with temperatures up to 85℃ in various field. In addition, there is very small possibility of crack by UV and Oxygen such as those are occurred in PVC.

  • Light weight and rigid

    FRP’s specific gravity is only 20 percent of that of iron, and mechanical strength is equal to iron. Durable for hard working in a long term.

  • Strong against electrolytic corrosion

    Having higher electrical insulation characteristics, it is free from electrolytic corrosion and there is no worry about contamination by the dissolution of rust or metal ion.

  • Standardization

    Each series is standardized, so that replacement parts are supplied immediately.

  • Abundant experience

    With many years of experience and lots of results, we can offer advice on any kind of corrosion problem.

  • Installation, operation and maintenance

    Installation,operation and maintenance should be done in accordance with instruction book.